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Here's a few close ups from my tank. I've been playing around with my camera trying out various macro settings with a non-macro lens.... if I could just stop buying livestock for just a little while I could get my macro lens, but noooo.... no will power - LOL.


Jolly Man say's that was tentacle licking good!

The tips are baby blue, but the picture doesn't show them off!


Not sure how I took this one, but it came out nice.
Had to remove this hairy fellow last night. He has been munching on the polpys! Came free with the acro!

Group of frags purchased in February. This is on the backside on the tank


One of my gobies loves to make it snow on anything near the bottom

He just peeps his head out every now and then to keep Watch!

Why are you not eating the aiptasia?? Look to your left!!
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That's all I have posted for now. I have a number of small frags that weren't included here. The camera lens won't take a decent picture of them. Most are in the middle to back-side of the tank so it's harder for the lens to focus in on them.
The camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. I only have the lens that comes with the kit - 58mm. It has the ability to take very nice pictures, but for the close ups I am trying to get and at the distances the target is in the tank, it's not that easy and tends to lose focus. ..Plus I am not very knowledgeable with photography.

I'm not saying the pictures I posted are bad, but for every one posted I have many of the same target that did not look good at all. One lucky shot in every few. :)

Thanks Pat! I plan to take some full tank shots this weekend. From past experience, they are usually a deep angle because it's 6' long. I can't get a close enough pic straight on that includes the full tank where you can see what's in it. I'll try to get some "left-side", "middle" and "right-side" shots.

I have some older full tank shots (1999) of when the tank was started over again as a reef (it use to be fish only). The old pics are after adding the DSB and re-adding the "deco" dead corals that were in it when FO. It had no livestock or live rock yet.

I'll see if I have them online and post them in a while. If I can't find them online I will try to post them this evening when I get off work.
Here's two pics from 1999 when the FO tank was broken down and setup as a reef tank. The tank size is 180gal.

The pics were taken after draining the entire system and starting over with a few configuration changes. A DSB was added along with the "deco" dead corals that were used when it was a FO. A few damsels are in there to help cycle. I haven't added the liverock (except for 1 piece) or any other livestock at this point.



The two returns that you see in the top center were removed in January of this year (2006). There were holes drilled down the bottom center length of each PVC, which acted as a spray bar return driven by 2 Mag24s. I removed the "spray bars" because it hindered proper surface water flow, which contributed to my poor water movement and flow performance I was having in the tank. Now there is a single return on the far left side of the tank and the drains are on the opposite, right side, of the tank. This made a significant difference in the water flow... KISS :hmm3:

I'll try to get some current full shot pics and post them this weekend.
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Scuba, nice pics. Did you get those Barnacle shells from ebay, or St. Augustine?

Sorry- I don't remember. I could have picked them up at any point from 1992 - 1998. Most likely they were from an LFS... Arlington Aquarium maybe.. they have been out of business for quite some time though.
Sorry- I don't remember. I could have picked them up at any point from 1992 - 1998. Most likely they were from an LFS... Arlington Aquarium maybe.. they have been out of business for quite some time though.

Very cool addition. I like the not so norm tank additions. I saw one on here at one time with a large rope and broken bottles etc like at a pier area. It was very interesting. Thanks for the pictures.