MJ1200 in a 14g biocube - too much?


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Got a question here...I've got a 14g biocube and I replaced the stock intake pump with a maxijet 1200. Now I've got a ton of flow, but I'm wondering if it's too much of a good thing. The reason I ask is that my snails are having a hard time climbing the glass and my sand bed is pushed into "furrows." How do you tell how much flow is too much and should I switch back to the stock pump for now?

(Just a note - I have no other powerheads in the tank right now...I'm planning on adding a koralia nano at some point in the near future, but it might be a couple of weeks.)

Thank you!


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Should not be too much. You could split the flow through a little DIY if you feel it is too much on one point.

MJ1200 is only 300gph, which is a turnover of about 21.

If your sand bed is suffering, you may want to try moving the PH around to find a point where it provides good flow over the sand, but not stirring it up beyond belief.


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I know when I had the 1200 in my 14 it created way too much heat. Not at first but eventually saw the temp rise about 5 deg. Just keep an eye on it.