Molly Miller Blenny


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hey anybody else have a molly miller blenny? care to share the experience?
here's a pic of mine:

i waited forever to get that pic, cuz it moves so fast! i know it's not the prettiest blenny, but it's cool cuz i saw it peck on the algae off my tank wall.. that is before it figured out that I feed flake food... after that, i never seen it do its job again *_*
oh and once i introduced a larger molly miller into my tank, mine actually changed its color.. brighter for a while. it might be under stress or something...
anyway so you have a blenny?
I had one for a while in my old tank. I gave it to a friend and I'm not sure how its doing. Quick little fish, took forever to get him out. Mine had the biggest gut, but I never really saw it eat algae.

Mine eats everything, flake, spectrum, frozen anything, cleaner shrimps, yuma mushrooms, zoanthids, micro serpent star legs, and a variety of other reef citizens. Mine has got to go, if anyone wants one let me know, he's free plus shipping.