moorish idol ?????

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Has anyone had good luck with these species?
Everywhere I read says it's almost impossible to keep in captivity. The only thing it says about difficulty is getting it to start eating in it's new enviorment.
There has to be someone out there that raised one in captivity.
same "Paul B" and check out his 30+ year old tank, i remember reading a post where he discusses what he feeds his, but, ive forgotten what it was.
Take a look in the Reef Fishes forum. There is a whole Moorish Idol thread- some people there have kept them sucessfully. It is an interesting thread- I would also like to have an one.
The problem isn't getting them to feed- it's feeding them the right things. People who are feeding a lot of sponge seem to have theirs last longer. The hard part is getting them past the first 2 years or so. People on this board suspect the issue with keeping them is malnutrition since they don't die until they have been in captivity for 1-3 years. There is plenty of good info in that thread, so if you intend to get one in the future (don't just rush out and get one now. The tank must be perfect for one...) be sure you have met all requirements.