More hitchhikers


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Couple of hairy crabs didn't leave the rock, nor did one of the dreaded mantis shrimp! I spotted one (elusive little critter) sneaking out of one of the holes in the rock, about 1/2" in length, carapace is dark brown or black. I'll ignore him for now, as he's pretty small. Maybe he'll get the hairy crabs :D

I also spotted what looks like a juvenile camel or peppermint shrimp (transparent, long antennas, etc.; about 1/4" in size).

My wife is laughing that I'm glued to the aquarium...

I do have a couple of anemones I'm concerned about. Pictures are attached. First one looks like a glass anemone of some sort. Desirable, or bad, or don't care? It's not quite 1/2" when fully expanded.

Second one looks like it may be a curlicue anemone?



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Forgot to give you the size--second one is maybe 1/4" diameter (or a hair larger).

Off topic: Ammonia still hasn't gone above 0.25ppm after 1 week. I'll give the tank one more week to cycle, then, we'll talk about TBS Package Part II!



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You want to wait to order the second half untill your ammonia and nitrite are both at 0. The second have will probably come with alot of stuff you want to keep alive!