Mounting Wireless Wave Driver?


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I may be missing something obvious here, but I am a new Vortech owner and am looking for ideas on how to mount the Wireless Wave Driver.

I'd like to mount it to the wall (drywall) using drywall anchors, but the mounting holes on the WWD are tiny! Looks to me like only a finishing nail would fit through them.

If you have come up with a clean-looking and creative way to mount your drivers, please share!



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Velcro, from Menards. I used the outdoor stuff. Works awesome! It's by the hot glue, at least at my Menards.


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I was trying to avoid velcro just because it's not quite as clean (not flush to the wall), but I guess that's the best option.

Feedback for Ecotech Marine (if you guys are reading this) - I'd like to see either a mounting plate of some sort or some holes in the back plastic plate on the driver for regular drywall-anchor type screws. Take a look at how most thermostats mount on the wall - something like that would work great.

I guess I could remove the back plastic plate and drill my own holes, but that's a little scary. Plus I'd have to make sure that the screw heads don't touch anything on the circuit board inside.

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Thank you for your feedback. The screw holes are for a #3 self-tapping or wood screw. These are very small but they are effective. Alternatively, velcro is the best option for mounting the driver.



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Well, I'm a bit OCD on my installs, but the basic premise is pretty simple...

I glued my controllers to the cabinet using a small amount of "Goop" adhesive applied to the bottom of the plastic casing. It holds well, but prys off easily if needed.

I shaved off the tabs that hold the covers on with an x-acto knife because I could never find that "sweet spot" to insert that small screwdriver into so I could pop the cover off.

I then purchased some mini stainless screws from my local hardware and secured the covers to the plastic base.

You could easily do the same as above using a small piece of wood or acrylic as a backing plate that you mounted to the wall first.


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What a great setup man. I'm getting a custom built stand and I'm going to have that same set up on the side of the stand. Great work there man.