Moving reef tank... AGAIN.


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I've moved this tank once before, only had some star polyps as far as coral. This time I will be moving a few small colonies of zoas and 5 inverts, which is what has me a bit apprehensive.

hippo tang
false percula clown
6 line wrasse
2 chromis
aiptasia eating filefish
tuxedo urchin
2 skunk cleaners
2 emerald crabs
40ish lbs LR

55g tank
20g sump
8 bulb t5 lighting
led moonlights

I've read into a couple websites, try to keep about 60% of the original water, pull the rock and coral (rock damp, coral submerged), make up twice as much water as I "should" need, etc. Does anyone have any other comments or tricks/tips? Maybe a helping hand on moving day (free :beer: and pizza)?

My friend owns a party bus (retired school bus) with the large rear emergency door, I'm thinking that I could move everything all at once and still be able to keep the tank on the stand, is that a bad idea?


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You should probably take the whole thing completely apart. Trying to move a tank/stand combo and you will probably end up with something broken...

When is moving day, and where in Rochester?


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Bag everything move it to a QT at the new location.
Then get it set up let it settle for a few days then move it all in.


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That makes sense Geoff.

From Brighton to Penfield, don't know an exact date but 2-3 weeks.