Moving... running out of time.


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I have this lovely mantis shrimp to which I am quite enamoured, but sadly, I don't have the same space in the new digs as I do now, so this beauty must go.

I had been working with someone from this board, but we seem to be running out of time, and in addition he's on his way home for T-Giving so I may not be able to ship to him in time. I must either ship today, tomorrow, or Friday at the absolute latest. I'm a big fan of FedEx next day, but it's probably going to run you about $40.

If you want it, please speak up quick!

Sorry Ben, I know you wanted it but the powers that be seem to be conspiring against you.

Save it from the LFS!!!
that's a beaut! haven't had a peacock in awhile, but unfortunately i'm off to costa rica this afternoon. if you still have it when i get back i'll email you...

i once dropped a couple of my mantis in small individual containers (no filtration, heater, etc), when me and my wife moved and they seemed to do ok in these temporary environment (they were not peacocks though)...