My 100th Post!


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Just thought I'd take a moment to say HELLO to all of my fellow WTMR club members!

Okay, I confess,.....I just wanted to secure my 100th post!!!! (I know it's cheesy.....but sooooo much fun!)

(the newbie with 100 posts)


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congrats! before you know it itll be 5000 posts then youll realize you spend too much time on RC :)<~~~~steve


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So where is your custom avatar?

Okay, I've read RC's F.A.Q.s regarding Avatars, MY RC "edit profile", and user info. How the heck do you add a stinkin' picture as an avatar?


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You need a picture on your computer that is no bigger than 150 x 150 pixels. You can open the image in MS Paint, click Image, then attributes to see if it is acceptable or resize it if needed.
Click My RC, then edit options and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under other options you will see Avatar on the left and a change avatar button on the right. Click the change avatar button. On the new page at the bottom under Custom Avatar it says "You can upload an avatar from your computer:" on the left and a browse button on the right. Click browse and navigate to the image you want. Once the path to the image is in the box next to Browse, check the little radio button saying yes to Use Custom Avatar and click the Submit Modifications button.