My 1st post and my new rsm :)


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Hello everyone,

I just wanna start by saying how awesome this website is...

My tank is almost 2 month old ...

Your opinions and feedback will be appreciated.



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New Additions and FTS

New Additions and FTS

As promised :)


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It looks great man. Never seen a 2 month old tank look that good.

Thank You for your kind words. I just took it really slow the 1st month...added cleaner up crew...which consist off...fighter conch "that was my biggest mistake it died and nuked my aquarium" nissarius snail, and hermit crabs...waited for another two weeks...then added two clownfish, cleaner shrimp, and a frogspawn...waited another two weeks for my water to stabilize since I have realized my phosphate reading was really high...after my tank got really stabilized I went ahead and bought the others.
I didnt add any turbo snails because they are really useless they clean the aquarium for one day and they goto sleep for a month...the secret of keeping my sand clean and my glass clean is strong flow and weekly 20-30% water change or 2 water change if needed:D.
Again your input is really appreciated and Ill update you with more pictures as soon as i get more Mini Max anemones and corals.
I am planning to buy a clam...but i am just waiting for the right timing.

RedSea Aviad

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Hi Omar,
Welcome to Reef Central!
Great start with the new tank.

If you have any questions or need of any help with your MAX, I will be more than happy to help.
Feel free to contact me on Red Sea's Forum on RC.
The best ov luck.


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I want to thank you all for your kind words and heartily welcome.

I was about to buy some Acans but my budget is so tight now :/ and they are soo expensive "68 dollars" for 15 heads.

I'll be updating you with more pictures as soon as I get my salary :sad2:

Again thank you all for your compliments :D


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Quick update, I bought one feather duster and saved Acan iguess from LFS is running his tanks without any lights ..and that coral was just dying...

Hopefully it will nourish back to life.

Could you please ID the coral in the second attachment for me please?


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My rsm as of February 2012

My rsm as of February 2012

This is my Rsm that has been running for almost 7 months.


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