My Bacteria Driven Journey is Over


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Well... I tried dosing vodka but I had to quit after just 9 days into it. Reason: my pH just before lights out was 7.8 :eek2:

I drip kalk 24/7 and dose sodium carbonate, plus my skimmer is fed air from the great outdoors. So, I don't know what else I could do to get the pH up. Has anyone else been forced to quit dosing vodka due to pH problems? :confused:


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You could use baked baking soda as a buffer. Was the tank reacting badly to the ph drop?


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7.8 Ph is not really a bad thing. You want to be aware of a large swing during the day like 7.8 to 8.3 may be an issue.

Since you are in Florida you probably know that our homes are built pretty air tight and that is usually the reason for low Ph. I know you feed your skimmer with fresh air but it still is not enough. Our tanks in our home have Ph that goes even lower than 7.8. It's still pretty warm here in S. Florida so we are not opening the windows just yet.

Good luck.