my first anemone


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Help guys. We finally decided yesterday to buy our first anemone.It was fine when we placed it in the tank but this morning it has moved to the very top of tank in a corner. If I turn wave maker off he just hangs there with his tentacles dropping down. I tried to feed some quill but its hard the way he's on the glass.we were going to move him but he's on there pretty tight..if he was dying wouldn't he drop to bottom? I know it could take a few days to adjust. Should I just let him be. And any ideas what else I can try feeding him. We also got 2 clowns that are doing great. Those little guys sure do love people don't they. Since I'm new at this any help is appreciated.


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Don't worry about feeding right now. Can you post some pics? We need to identify what kind of nem we're dealing with here. Then we can go from there.



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As above. What makes you think something is wrong with him?

He's only exploring the tank, finding a place to settle. Best not to feed em for a while and let em settle in. :)