My G. glabrous just molted, silly me!


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Tagron, my G. glabrous, just molted. I spent the last two weeks thinking that he was about to molt, and it seems he has molted right under my nose and I didn't know about it (was still waiting for him to molt) until today when I realized. The past few days his shell was really light and dusty, still untanned. I thought that it was pre-molt shell...but today it's all tanned and he has alot more blue on his telson and swimmerettes. He has red intersegmental lights too and also is less "tigerskin" and more dark with red traces. I tried to feed him a crab but he just followed it around trying to grab it without striking...that's why I realized he was done molting :p

Just thought I'd let you all know :eek:


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Congrats on G. glabrous 1st molt LOL. Think many Mantis owners in here sweat that event too much. Wonder how many have actually lost a Mantis during an undisturbed molt?


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I lost a g. smithii on its first molt and another un identified mantis never made it out of its hole. I am going thru a 1st molt with my chiragra right now too....I'm super nervous. I've had him for a month and the previous owner had him for tree weeks without a molt! Its been three days and counting!


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Yup, I'm happy now :D

Mentat...I agree with you LFS said one of their mantis shrimps molted in the bag...I'm sceptical but still...

winsor, sorry for your loss...and GL for your chiragra!

Tangalong, did you get my PM?


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i lost my first peacock after it's first molt. i've since then gotten another peacock that's molted several quite successfully, the new one is smaller than the old one so i think it has an easier time molting.


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I believe a successful molt for a mantis shrimp is always noteworthy. It is a difficult time, as I have said before, for both the mantis and its keeper. Congratulations on the molt! Winsor, let us know when the chiragra gets done molting, may the mantis gods be with him.