my nem question about movement


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so after about eight or so months of sitting still, my anemone decide it was time for a move. luckily I have both hydors covered with a stocking that get rinsed or changed every few days. I am not even going to begin to ask why he moved.flow hasn't changed and lights haven't changed since tank set up over a year ago. here is my worry, I have a hob protein skimmer, the intake is not covered. first thing I did when I saw that the nem moved was grab a stocking and cover it. maybe the wrong forum to ask but will the skimmer still do its job with a stocking over it? and please if I am in the wrong place just a quick shout and I can move this where it belongs. also slightly worried about the over flow. granted they are very small opening I am sure it is possible to get sucked in. i am looking to put some small plastic mesh over the opening but worried about restricting the flow or not having any un eaten food or any other particals that cant pass through. any suggestions?
and here are some pics of the nems new spot, originally he was positioned between the rock he is on now and the rock to the right. he may go back to that spot when Halloween is over, he may just be using the rock to look like don king for the holiday. also here is the opening of the overflow box.
thanks for any help


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I'm no expert but since people commonly run skimmers in sumps that have filter socks prefiltering the water I don't see how yours will have an issue other than if it gets clogged with stuff quicker than you clean it.

What are you running for lighting? You say the lights haven't changed in a year(since the tank was set up). If you're running T5 or MH it's possible the output on your bulbs is dropping and your nem is trying to find a better spot to make up for the lights getting dimmer(even though you can't see it, they are).

Just some thoughts.



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Have had bracketed led lights 1 has 54 white 1 watt led bulbs with 6 actinics the other has 36 1 watt white LED's with six blue actincs since initial set up