My new mantis :D


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I will have some pics of my new mantis up soon. Can you ID it and tell me how to determine sex? I think it is a Neo. Wen. but thats what i think. I will have pics of n about an hour or so.
He is mostly a green/black coloring on his back and he has orange maxillipeds and pleopods(?). It's fun watching him make burrows beneath rocks. jetting under and all the sand shooting out :D. Well, he hasnt attacked anythng in my tank yet except an annoying red crab that i got as a hitchiker. what shall i feed him? I already have frozen foods such as: shrimp, squid and silversides. Are these good? I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.
Is he a Neogonodactylus Wennerae? I know he has White Meral spots. What does that mean? is that how you determine sex on this species?
WOW!! He has eaten 10 ghost shrimp, 1 snail,1 swimmer crab, and one blueleg hermit... IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!!! shoulda posted this earlier... Why did he eat SOO much??
Hmmm, I was wondering... ( if anyone will post cept for me :D) could I add in 3 firefish or maybe 2 clowns? I'm getting tired of my 2 dominos in there. They are so mean to eachother. Would I be able to put any fish in there?
LOL, I just thought you were talking to yourself. You may want to be careful about so much food. Some hide their food for later. I have no idea what kind he is, I don't have any fish in mine, you would always run the risk of getting eaten. I do put Mollies in occasionally when they sell them for feeders, but they do get eaten. Cute guy BTW!
Ya, I changed the setup in my tank and when I lifted up his rock he shot all around the tank smashing evrything! I'll get a pick of my new setup... still can't find where he made his "home" though.
If you wanted to add more fish you'd probably have to take out the dominos first (depending on the size of your tank) If it's big enough you might get away with more, but most likely not. Isn't yours a 20G or a 29G? I'd advise you just get rid of those domino's- they are so mean and really no good.
If the antennal scales and raptorial appendages look like this, it is almost certainly a Neogonodactylus wennerae.

He does look alot like that Roy. That's why I thought he would be N.W. Yes Sting. I despise those Dominos, that's why they are in the tank in the first place :). I was hoping on getting some really mobile small fish. Any Suggestions? Yes it's a 20g.
....I set up a 55 gallon corner tank for my mantis awhile back cuz he's like over 5 inches long, a peacock smasher. There's two damsels that made it and a very small clown, about 1 1/2 inches. He used to seem to try to attack the damsels when he was getting used to the tank, but the clown fish is like his lil buddy. There's a pretty good circular current in the tank due to the setup and type of tank and he just loves watching that lil clown fish do his mesmerizing lil swim move he does, he swims right in front of the Mantis and the Mantis just kinda trips on him, I was worried at first but it's been a few months, they get along great.