My new sump project! with pictures


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Ok I'm gonna give you guys a detailed description of how i constructed this sump. It was very simple so this is really just a description for those who never constructed thier own sump.

I use a 30 gallon tank for the endevor. materials consisted of plexi glass, GE brand sillicone, and a cutting tool for the plexi. the first piece of plexi is used as a bubble reducer. it is not placed on the bottom or the top . it is placed inbetween so water can pass through the bottom. pictures will help here so here we go!

first picture is of the entire can see each section. first section is on the right . this is where the water from the over flow box drains. the first baffle is on the far right . this is the one I spoke off above. it is used to reduce bubbles from flowing through out the sump. it is placed a few inches from the bottom so most bubbles rise to the top and dont flow down ..thus into the next section. the only flow to the next section is from below thus the bubbles are eliminated.

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ok now off to the second compartment
heres a picture first:

this is where I placed my coralife 125 protien supper skimmer. the water level in this section was too low for me to hang the bubble diffuser box (wouldnt reach surface) so i took off the hang on part and just siliconed the box at the proper hieght onto the glass side. (you can see it in the picture)
I love this skimmer. even when installed in the display, it produces very very little bubbles (when installed properly and set properly) the bubbles are ver very small in quanity and dont even travel to the next section.
heres a picture of the skimmer in action!
you can almost smell the skimate!lol
ok next section is where the critters reside and the macro grows. this section is lite 24 hours a dayby a 19 watt compact flourencent bulb ( i believe its 10,000K).

the macro grows at an icredible rate and is my way of exporting nutrients. I harvest sections every two weeks. you can actually see new growth a few hours later. the caluerpa shoots out branches in hours of these harvestings. heres another picture of the macro section.
the macro section leads to the last return section. back to the baffles briefly...i cut each section baffled a half an inch shorter than its prior section to ensure a good total flow from each section. It is also important to make the cut even / or balanced (one side must not be sloping when installed) this way the flow over each baffle is uniformed and not just a trickle over some parts. anyways the last return section holds about four gallons which is good as evaporation only happens here and this gives me leway for time between top offs and my pump not running dry.
heres a picture

the return pump is a mag 7 and is on a valve to control its power ( very strong when going up to my display...distance is about 4 feet.)
I placed the heater here too, as you can see it sits on the bottom.
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thank you for reading along....any comments please feel free. any better things I could of done? or even questions. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
saltwater...ahhhhhh....a forever learning
looks good.......
That gang plug seems a bit over it GFCI? I'm just VERY mindful of electricity :D
Otherwise the sump should work fine
yeah that worries me too! i am planing on picking up another power strip with timers included. i have it like this cause i need two things on this timer and it only provides one outlet. yeah it is a potential hazard. thanks for pointing that out jallard as i have been meaning to get that strip last week but forgot. now you reminded me...thanks!!!!!
anyone notice my dogs red kong toy in the bottom of the second picture. she is always trying to get my attention when im messing with the tank. she brings over all her toys to tempt me away from what im doing. my dog is comedical. she is 9 ...but as pit bulls are high energy dogs ..she seriously acts like a puppy. still runs through the house for no reason (these are rips in vet. terms normally common in puppies). my vet said that i could put her on a medication if it is too much but i said hell NO! i dont want my dog drugged. I will only considerate it in the future as my vet says she may begin hurting herself in the future cause of old age and brittle bones. she spoke of how some dogs stay energetic in geratric age and begin getting fracturs becuase they dont know thier bodies boundries. crazy dog but thats my baby girl! i have no kids but foxy is my daughter.
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saltwater...ahhhhhh....a forever learning

One of my favorite things about the hobby. Nice sump David