my stocking list


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I have a 180 gallon pennisula style tank. The dimensions are 48x30x30. I wanted to post the fish I currently have to see what everyone thinks, and where I could go from here.

(in order of being added to the tank)
3" yellow tang
1.75" purple pseudochromis
2" flame angel
2.5" koran angel
2" flameback angel
(2"/1.25") pair of naked clowns
2.25" bicolor blenny
3" copper band butterfly
1.5" blue tang

i dont have very many corals yet, but that is going to my my new focus... i know the koran angel is going to have to go, and he will be gone soon, either when i catch him nipping or when he starts growing and changing color. here is a short list of fish i would like to add:
sixline wrasse
flame hawk
a goby. ive tried a diamond and a yellow watchman goby and they both have died, but i want to try again.

should i even consider adding another tang or with my tank size, is 2 enough? all the fish I have are active and swimming around all day. the bully of the tank is currently the flameback angel, he doesnt bite anyone but likes to chase them around once in a while, then backs off. nobody seems to be scared of him, even the CBB just swims normally when the flameback darts at him.

i dont want to overstock my tank, especially since the fish i already have are all active. i also dont want a war to break out in my tank between any fish. and i also understand that some of the fish i have are small and will grow up to be bigger! any input is greatly appreciated and any i will try to answer any questions asap. thanks for your time!

p.s. i posted this in reef fishes forum, but got no response, so i am hoping to get a response here.