My story, I hope I don't crash...


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Let me just preface this by saying, I have made so many mistakes
- starting too small (28g with 10g sump)
- short cycling (2 weeks)
- too big of a return pump (700gph)
- plumbing problems (re-did 3 times before I got it right)
- had to re-landscape rock
- QT tank failed, ammonia spiked
- typical "moving to fast"
- etc etc etc
that I'm quite happy where I am today.

Got my 1st fish 1 week after cycle done (green chromis)
2 more fish 1 week later (clownfish)
1 fish, 3 coral frags 1 week later (yellow watchman goby, you can see him in the left cave)

Here it is in all of it's 29G glory.
There, I feel so much better coming clean.
Even after reading so much, I have committed so many reef tank faux pas, it's incredible.
0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, <5 nitrate
But, I have learned a lot, and that was the goal of my "test" tank.
And, I really hope I don't crash.