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Just got my rock from TBS yesterday. The drive home took over 8 hours, so I was a bit worried. We were on vacation in Tampa, so I just picked it up on the way home. Richard from TBS left it on his driveway on a cart and I just picked it up. He was at the marina, apparently. Dude has a wall made from old liverock in his front yard.

I ordered 10 pounds of sand, 20 pounds of rock, and I paid an extra ten bucks to ensure I got a mantis. He gave me much more than that. I'd guess closer to thirty lbs of rock. He also threw in two (I think) anemones. One is a 'flower anemone', its is the white guy one the upper right part of the tank. The other one, on the upper left, is brown. I haven't figured out what it is yet. The mantis is a fat 3"er whom I haven't seen since I dropped him in there. Hopefully he'll be more social in time.

Hitchhikers I have identified so far: several red and orange sponges, a yellow ball thingy that I think may be a sponge (visible towards the middle of the pic), some white tubes with a tentacle each that I think are tunicates (just visible to the lower right of the flower anemone), several snails that may or may not live because I didn't have time to acclimate the rock they came on properly. There's a very large one that I hope makes it. Lots of little fan worms and such.

I am slightly disappointed because I was hoping for some macro algae and some larger crustaceans, like pistol shrimp or gorilla crabs. I may get lucky yet. I think most people would count this as a bonus, though!

From what I have read I was expecting large, uninteresting, bricks of rock. I was happy to see that wasn't case. The rocks have cool shapes and lots of nooks and crannies. This stuff is a great deal for 5.00 bucks a pound if you don't have to worry about the whole air freight shipping process. If I make a new tank in the future (who am I kidding, it's WHEN I make a new tank in the future) I am going to have to plan another weekend trip to Tampa bay so the family can see the ...beaches? Yeah, beaches!



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Mantis hotel

Mantis hotel

That big rock had more caves and passages than Cinderella's castle..LOL

That is the perfect mantis hide out.....

When you get some pics of the little us!

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Richard TBS :rollface::rollface::rollface:


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I haven't seen him since he went in, but he has been clicking A LOT. I tried luring him out wuth a silverside, no dice. I'll be sure to get a pic sooner or later.