Nano Skimmer Question


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So the skimmer my Nano came with Stinks big time. anyone have any suggestions for a GOOD one thats not Super expensive?
tunze 9002 (last i check 153$) This one worked great for me in my 20 gallon.

I've heard too many bad things about the remora to recommend it. But i think the nano version is 130$, maybe less.

The Deltec HOB's (MCE300 MCE600) are considered some of the best but are quite expensive (300+ i believe).
the fission skimmer has never had good reviews. Check into a sapphire nano skimmer or take a look over at nanocustoms/nanotuners
Euro-reef (if you're a fan of them) is coming out with a nano skimmer soon, if you are interested you could wait until that comes out, and post up a review.
I have the sapphire nano skimmer (ordered through nanocustoms) which works well, but I heard that the company that makes them went out of business?
Which nano do you have ??? Is it one of the basic all in ones ???

I had a Tunze 9002 on my BC29, and it is REALLY sensitive to water level changes, which happened fairly quick in my tank. It would be skimming great when I left for work, but when I got home 12 hours later the water would have dropped some and it wouldnt be skimming. I went with a sapphire after that and had decent results but I do believe theyre out of business....

That being said, I had my BEST success with water parameters simply by doing 5 gallon water changes every week, or every 2 weeks at the most. I dont think its necessary to have a skimmer on most of the nanos when you can just do small water changes more often, but thats just me.....

You could always look at a HOB type if you have room behind the nano.
While I agree water changes are the best way to go... I do find my sapphire works well, and on a reverse period as the lights, it doesnt generate much heat while adding some significant amount of bubbles to the water, which is good for the tank, as long as it is night in the tank anyway and I dont have to see them...
I went through 3 sapphires on my Biocube... finally had him make a custom one with extra baffles to try to stop the microbubbles... It finally made less, but still had them occasionally in the tank....

Pretty irritating.
I also just went to check out nanocustoms....they are still selling the sapphire. I wonder who is making them now? Anyone know?