Need advise on decontaminating reef rock---incident.


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So my little girl did the unthinkable on my little boys nano setup.

Tank in question 12 gal Aquapod.

She dumped a bit of some Hollister water base fragrance into the water for some odd reason. I was able to save the live stock and all doing well. While i was at work the wife happened to catch the incident soon after my little girl did the deed. By the time i got home i figured everything in the tank had now been contaminated and a treatment process would be the next step. I trashed the sand since i have spare sand bags at home and the tank will be going thru a good long vinegar bath to clean up pumps and anything that water contacts.

My main question here is, what would be a easy way to treat the rock and remove the fragrance contaminants from it. I was throwing the idea about freshwater and vinegar as well but thought i would check in with some more season members or members who have gone thru a decontamination process.

I'm looking for a easy to do and cost effective way.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Reef Frog

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Assuming the product was not toxic, you may have done enough. I'd just let the rock sit in a tub with circulation for a while. Keep in mind you may have an ammonia spike. Running carbon won't hurt. What's in the product and were any animals harmed? Ah, kids. Not always reef safe....


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Product was not toxic for sure, i checked the label and nothing too bad popped out at all. I was thinking about leaving the rock with circulation for a while with carbon as well so good to hear on that. Maroons, snails and star fish all survive and doing well thanks to putting them thru a frequest water change out in their container to help them filter out anything they might of absorbed. No ich or irregular problems so far. Snail had initially fell on its back right after incident but they are doing fine moving around in the frag tank.

I was definitely suprise on my little girls oopsie, she has grown to understand how fish are sensitive and need care but who know what went thru her mind went deciding to add that bottle into the aquapod.

Although all bristle worms didn't fair too well and tons of them came out and bunch together to die as one lol.