Need Help: I'm new to Tunzes, and my 6100's are not powerful as I expected


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I just bought a new tank system which included two tunze 6100 and a multicontroller which are less than a year old and in very good condition.

I put a tunze 6100 in a bucket full of rock, and I have a seio 1500 in a bucket full of rock. On the multicontroller, I have the tunze on full blast, 1-60s, and I compared the flow to the seio, and the seio has much more stronger flow.

Is there a setting I need the put the multicontroller on to make the tunze more powerful. Or can I adjust the tunze itself on the body.

Please let me know.

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The multi controller has different settings so the answer is yes.

The driver box also has a power adjustment fitting on it so the answer is yes to the pump also.

Check them both out.
What settings should I use on the multicontrollers to use the full power of the tunzes?

Where is the power adjustment fitting on the pump?

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You can run the 6100 without the 7095 controller for a quick test.

Keep in mind the flow pattern in the aquarium is very different to the flow in a bucket of rock, the best comparison would be in a set up aquarium.

The speed control when used on the controller is with the knobs marked min/max. Without the controller you can adjust the small screw on the drive (silver box)

I can email you an instruction manual tomorrow when at work if you like, email me at to remind me if you like.

Even a 6000 (1850 gph) should have more water flow than a Seio 1500 (1500 gph). Remember that it's a difficult thing to ascertain flow by just placing a hand in front of the pump - Seios tend to be more directional than Tunzes and if you put a hand in front of a Seio, it may feel "stronger" as a result.