Need Help, Removed Clam !!


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Just removed a crocea clam which has stuck it self on a rock for several months now.. the clam had to be removed due to re-aquascaping.. anyhow here are my questions..

I gently worked my way under the clam with an exacto knife. I then cut all the little ligements which it uses to attach it self on to the rock while trying not to hurt the "foot".. How will I know if my clam will perish ? Would it show signs immediately ? What should I be looking for ? PLEASE HELP !!
FWIW- I have seen croceas and maximas torn away from their base and they live( wouldnt suggest it ) and I have seen some try to do what you have done. Its touchy either way, keep an eye on it.

My main reason for posting though was to give you and idea for attaching clams to avoid this in the future. Try letting the clam attach to a small piece of coral rubble, that way you can place it anywhere in the tank and move (if need) without damaging the foot. It really works great IME.
You can cut the abyssal threads without killing the clam. You must use a very sharp very clean knife.

I do not suggest doing this. Find a good place and leave it there.

If you do this, always scrape the trhreads right next to the rock. Do not cut in the middle. If you scrape the threads right next to the rock, this will give the clam the least amount of stress and damage.

If your clam is showing signs of stress, it will usually gape at the incurrent siphon. It may also stay closed.

Best of luck.
Thanks for the info guys, I will know better when I get home to see the status of it .. any more advice will be appreciated.
Keep and eye on it try not to give it anymore shock like lighting or current.

I prefer to chisle the rock around the clam that way the clam will still be attached.
Cutting the byssal threads will not affect your clam adversely. Actually a Crocea will probably reattach in 24-48 hours if placed again on rock. It has a huge byssal orifice. Clams will divert energy from growth to reattachment.