Need help w/skimmer footprint


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OK, can anyone help me visualize this? I'm having trouble trying to figure out the skimmer footprint. OK, so here's what I'm looking at, the Euro-reef CS80. It says it has a footprint of 9x9. The chamber diameter is 5". So how do we come to the 9x9? I realize the pump comes out a bit, as does the return, but from the pics I see it appears that the return and pump are next to each other. I'm trying to figure out if this model will fit in the sump I'm building. the skimmer chamber area is about 11.5x11.5. So it seems that it would fit. But I mean it obviously isn't 9x9 square. So is the 9x9 more of a worst case scenario? Also, I have a 2" lip running around the top of the sump at about 16" high. Should this be more than enough room? It looks like the return isn't any higher than 11". Does anyone have this skimmer to comment? Thanks.