need help with baby seahorses, have 100 for now


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hey guys, i really need help with the baby's, i understand that thet eat phyto and rotifers. when i notice them in the morning they ware all flawing in the top water on there side (they are 1 day old) they moving and alive but not swiming in the water, is it normal ? is it the gas problam ?
i made for theme a small cube with light.

thx alot.


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They need to be in their own tank...a small 1-2 gal with a airstone.
As sad as I am that your going to lose them, the next time you need food on hand, before he has them.
As far as the food for the young goes, it would be nice to know what kind of horses you have.


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Can you post a pic of the parent seahorses?

If you had a surprise birth you will most likely have another "surprise" in two to three weeks.

Knowing what species of seahorse you have will help to determin the appropriate food you need to start culturing now.

As mean as it seems if you really want to rasie the fry I would let the next batch go too. If you start your food cultures and research now you will have a far greater chance with batch three. It will give you more time for your cultures to grow.

I would suggest starting a green alage culture now, as well as a pod culture.

You will need to get a seperate nusery tank. You will need to get decapped brine shrimp eggs, and a hatchery. You will also need some airpumps for aeration in the fry tank as well as to hatch the brineshrimp. Brineshrimp and artemia ar ethe same thing for your future research. ;) Took me a week to get that one.

I suggest at least two nusery tanks. One to keep the fry in, one to move the fry to and sterilize the other tank. You'll wan tto do this once a week or so.

I go through alot of water raising fry for the needed waterchanges. If your making your own water you don't have to use RODI, just make sure you use a dechlorinator. If your source water(read tap) water is relaly bad then maybe RO is the best option for you.

A bucket for fresh water dips will be needed to, as well as a pH test kit or probe and some buffer to do fresh water dips.

Some light source for the fry tank is needed, anything will do.

If you want to keep macro's in with your fry cool, but you will need to treaat the fry tank with a product such as panacur if that is the case.

I know it seems like a lot to deal with. Raising babies is hard, and a chore for sure. If you want to do it, better to understand everything involved then to go in blind.

If you choose not to take on such an undertaking no one will think ill of you for it.