Need ID please! Photo inside!


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What is this thing in the picture? Looks like there are multiple white tentacle with black spots coming out of the rock. It's been there since I put the rock in the tank a week ago. Any ideas?...




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Anyone else have opinions? I thought it might be a star, but I don't know how they got in the rock like that.


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That would be my guess also. They hitchike on the rocks. If you have a couple you probably have a ton of them. They are already full size. Get a flashlight and check it out at night. You may see all kinds of fun things.


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are they tentacles or are they hard calcium tubes with tentacles coming out of them? if hard tubes, polycheat worms. (feather dustes)
if tentacles, then i dont know?


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They're fine. It almost looked a little like crab legs, but if you say they flex, they're likelier something like a harlequin brittle star. Green brittle stars are bad news. The black and white banded are nicer.


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Thanks everybody. Yeah, they definitely sway in the flow. Almost like it's out grabbing plankton in the water column or something.