need some imput for a fowler tang 7 weeks in qt now has a white patch growing


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this fish is to fast to grab a picture and it is to faint to see unless he changes to a blacker color . HAS BEEN IN QT 7 WEEKS
he has went through prazi and has been fine he is in a 55 gal with a mystree wrasse who is fine.
yesterday I started to see a white patch on his side not like cotton just discoloration . today its bigger . I do have stuff to dip him and meds on hand but I think only furan 2 . any advise on what to use
I grabbed this picture off the net it looks a little like this but nowhere as bad maybe the size of a quarter and the fish is 5 inches


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can someone tell me atleast if you would try erythromycin ,or furan 2
it seams to be spreading on him other than that he is fine eating like a pig and swimming normal