Need some pump advice


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Hey all, I'm thinking about replacing my Mag 5 return pump when I install my new sump on my 37...I've got it down to 4 pumps, can anyone give me the good to down right ugly on them? if you have one I never thought of please feel free to toss is in..but I am trying to keep it at 45 watts or less...Thanks :)

Pan World 40PX Magnetic Water Pump

Blue line 20HD

Ocean Runner 2500

Quiet One 3000

Tom Fay

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I have not used the other three pumps, but I can tell you from experience that the Quiet One 3000 is NOT quiet. They're also unreliable, as in, just stops running at random.

Reef Happy

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I second that on the quiet one. I have had 3 and had to send them back because they are to the extreme loud.

Blue line


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I have 4 Ocean Runners and swear by them. I had a Quiet One burn up and electrify my tank so they make me uncomfortable. I have no experience with the other two. Another option would be an Eheim 1250 or 1260 but they are quite a bit more expensive and really no better than an OR at half the price and lower wattage.