Netx Meeting - August need club input!

Netx Meeting - August need club input!

  • Mako has offered to move his Sept meet to Aug.. has a nice TV though that would be nice for a Packer

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Get together in a park with grillables and drinkables and watch the kids play and talk about fishy s

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Lets skip the meeting all together, dont wan't one (I won't attend, I'm too busy anyway / count me o

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • I have another option I want to add, and will do so down below in a post.

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Only a few people have been dabling with what to do... rumor has it that due to unfortunate events, Spike has informed us that our meeting holder for August is out of the fish tank hobby... for an undetermined amount of time.

Please give some direction on how you feel about August.
Sunday the 19th is out for me but the previous weekend and the weekend after are wide open.
Thought I would bring up this tread seeing as that it is August.
Should we just skip August if there is so little interest?
I was going to ask - anyone from the Kaukauna area wanna offer the name for a park in Kaukauna - or we could pick on a park in south Depere...

Been busy here, My new job has Internet tatlers to tell the boss where I surf, so I can't check during the day...

Otherwise I can start a new poll for Bay Beach and the 2 weekends of choice, and which ever gets the most votes is what's gonna happen...

I just remember a poor unfortunate soul who shall remain not signaled out, that was the only person at a recent meeting....

ill check on a few parks in the area to see what one would be alright and easy to get to. i have one in mind that is on the river but the name escapes me.
1000 Island Park!

Neat park, south side of the river, unfortunately all my weekends are filled in August :(