New 270g tank lighting


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I have a 270g (72x36x24) tank being built for my son as a christmas present (that is what I am telling my wife anyway). It has everything a tank this size needs from MRC sump and includes a closed loop system.

It was easy to find the best sump, pumps, tank and so forth. Lighting seems to be a bit harder to make a decision on. We would like to keep fish lps and sps. After being ready to purchase 5 Radian Pros I having second thoughts if these lights are correct.

SO if you were going to build a new tank this size and money was no object (just pretend LOL) what would you pick and why? Interested what all the pros here would pick.


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I would use 3x150W HQI on a 6' LPS and SPS tank.

Something like this:

450W of power and 14K Phoenix bulbs will last 2 years.

I personally think that this light would perform better than radion pros, or any other LED setup. If you were going all SPS, then I would do the 250W version. You can also get them with T5s.


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I would use...
3 of these with 250 watt Radium bulbs...(you can find them cheaper)

Bulbs, you should be able to get well over a year out of them before needing to change them...

3 of these to drive them...

These as an added bonus.
Two of these for actintic supplementation...

One of these to drive the VHO...

You would then have one of the most widely used and successful lighting options ever. The reflectors will handle the 36" depth (front to back) and you would not have any problems keeping livestock anywhere in the tank. You can buy a lot of bulbs with what you have left over from the difference in 5 Pro's and not have to ever wonder if your lighting was an issue, it won't be. :dance:


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IMO DIY leds, custom Nanobox leds, or Maxspect leds would all be awesome options.
A good led can do just as well as a good halide IMO


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I missed that the tank would be 36" deep. In that case, go with the rec's in post #3.