New 55 gallon setup stocking list


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Hi I'm Billy, figured I would introduce myself. I have been keeping fish for 29 years and this is my second time setting up a reef tank.

So far I have a 55 gallon with 50lbs of live rock (will be getting more) CPR Bakpack skimmer, and a 28w actinic bulb
And a 28 watt 10,000K bulb.

My questions are;

My ultimate stocking list is as follows,
1 percula clown
1 watchman goby
1 orchid dottyback
1 bicolor angel
1 pearl scale butterfly
3 green chromis
Various snails hermit crabs and shrimp.

How does this sound?

What are some easy corals? Just want a few things that look cool.


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That's pretty good. The butterfly can be tough so a long quarantine to be sure is eating is highly recommended. The dottyback is aggressive so maybe last one in. For easy corals that look cool just look around at softies. They'll give you color and movement without much effort.


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The clown, dottyback, goby, and chromis probably wouldn't be adding much to the bio load. I want to keep a small bio load but want some fish in there. The goal is to eventually buy a 90 or 120 gallon and switch everything over in a year or so. I had this setup sitting in my basement so I figured I would get started with this.


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So an update to my tank. I currently have in the tank a clownfish, green chromis, watchman goby, bangai Cardinal, orange anthias, bicolor angel and various hermit crabs and snails.

Am I at my limit for the bio load or can I add anything else?