New apex app


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Already downloaded. Unless you have a Apex. Use the older app before this. It's been said that this new app will not work with aqua controllers for some reason.


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Just came out yesterday I bellieve

Yea, its for APEX units. Says you can actually program the outlets with the app itself. thats nice ( ;

The newer, more improved Apex Aquacontroller app for iPhone and iPad is out and ready to be downloaded from the app store. There are some great new features like the image above showing the aggregate "œon" time for each of your outlets. One very useful application of this new graph might be to see where you might want to fine tune your heater setting to minimize the power use. Often just a one degree temperature decrease can save a lot of power. Also in this release is a handy way to overlap two graphs and also the ability to program the outlets within the app. Go check it out it, the app is free to download from the Apple App Store right now.


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This app is awesome. I love that you can edit your configuration on the go now. Also, it may not work if you do not have the updated firmware. Just an FYI because i had the issue. I kept getting a "invalid response - no match for /status/timezone error. For the firmware if needed, go to:
(I am not associated with neptune, just passing information that i found out earlier :) )

All in all a sweet app and looks much more professional than the previous. Wont complain much about the previous because I was able to control my tank on the go anyhow.