New Clams


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We ordered some clams from Clams Direct about 3 weeks ago and they are doing very well . My question is can we now add a few more? Have a 90 gal with 250 MH. Is there a limit to how many clams we can place in a tank?

Thanks for your help.

I keep about 40 clams in my 150 gallon. I would add more if there is room - because I like different colors/patterns from clams.

You can add more, but I would do so slowly. Make sure you are meeting the needs of your existing clams - before introducing new ones. More clams in a tank means that they will be competing for food (calcium, nitrate, dosing of DT's). Otherwise, light is already there - but some area will be brighter than other (directly under bulbs vs on the side).
I agree with Peter, I would add slowly and keep your eye on what he has already mentioned. Try not to add other things such as coral while adding clams to avoid any water warfare.

See that Barry did get in some nice clams, I ordered a few more myself.

Ok, will ONLY order 2 more at this time. How long go you all leave your lights on for?

I do feed DT's like they suggested and ca. ranges from 400 - 420.

Just a up date on my clams that I bought from Clams Direct. After almost 2 months, they are doing very well. Have not lost one :) They are expanded well and the colors seem to have gotten a little bit brighter with my lighting.

Think my better half is going to order me one of those clam tanks from Barry as well. That would be a nice surprise.