New clown what kind is it?


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what kind of clown did i get?
no not at all there was no name on them at the LFS. they were in with naked clowns with no price on the tank.....the kid charged me the price on the naked ones. i was hoping they were picassos.
They are not picasso's,they are semi-picasso's my LFS has 2or3pairs($65.99/ea),I asked about them and they won't get their black markings,they are mixed percs and picasso.Nice pair though
Those are a grade A and a grade B Picasso clowns.
The grade A is the one to the left.
And they are percs, just like all true Picassos. They should get the black coloration in time. I don't want to hijack your thread or I would post pics of mine at a young age , and then now that they have had their black fill in.
Very nice score. The grade A should have run you about $100, and the grade B should have been between $40 and $60.
Very nice.
hex thanks for the good info........i got em for 39ea. the funny part was i went to the store to buy some food....while i was there my girlfriend said look at all the new clowns. (B+W, False and True.) Must have been a new shipment they got in that day. Then I noticed there were these two in a tank with two naked clowns. I even asked the guy if they were picassos he look in his little log book and could not find i got charged the price for the nakeds......i guess good score for me indeed!
also they little fish does have the 2nd and 3rd bar connected on the other side of his body. (didnt know if that makes a difference? grade b+ LOL)
very nice clowns... i wish my LFS had stuff near as nice as those or even naked clowns hahaha. nice job on the price :p
Cool score!

I agree that they are in fact Picasso's with the one on the left being a higher grade while the one on the right is of lower grade.

My LFS got in a large ORA shipment and they had tons of Picasso's, Naked's, BW, etc but their prices reflected it as well.