New Condi Anenome


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Just bought Condi Anenome. Good size, about the size of a closed fist.

I am feeding oysters and myso shrimp daily

1. How often should I feed it?

2. Yesterday after not feeding it for about 24 hours, I came home, it was all shriveled up, tenticles looked bleak, thin, and body was small. I immediatly gave it some shrimp and it came came back after about an hour. I thought they don't need to eat that often?

Thoughts anyone?


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I have always read that anemones in their natural habitat don't really eat alot of solid foods as people think, and you shouldn't over feed them. In my experience with anemones I never had a problem with the ones I fed. I bought a bleached Haddons carpet when it was about 3" inches across and looked like it had been damaged because the mouth wasn't centered. I fed it pieces of whole shrimp every other day, it grew to about 12" across within 3 months. The mouth also finally centered and it got it's natural green color back. I had it in a 29 gallon with four T-5s, BioWheel, powerhead, and about 3" sand bed. The carpet and pair of SaddleBacks were unseperable, it got to the point that all I had to do was throw the shrimp in and they would take it to the anemone. I have also done this with a few small bleached Condys and they seemed to benefit. Once they start to grow and get color back you can start to cut back on the food. Cut back from every other day to twice a week, then once a week.


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your anenome can go with out eating

your anenome can go with out eating

its probably shriveled up becvause your water perameters lights etc. are off sometimes they will shrivle up for no reason then they bounce back all of a SUDDEn.


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I fed my condy every other day for a while and then maybe once a week. Then one day it ate one of my fish and he got sent to live in a friend's tank. Mine shriveled up every couple days. Then it expelled waste, thats just how they do it.