New Corals. I need help fast!


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I'm not sure what's up with my montipira I just want to see if its healthy or not. It was the frag of the bottom plate piece so that's why its yellowish but not sure if its healthy. And my Hollywood stunner has this huge brown spot and the rest of it looks fine except for that part. Could I have stunned it when putting it in? My levels are perfect. I have no nudisand these frags are brand new that I bought yesterday. Help please!!


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The stunner is dead on the purple part it's algae growing over the dead part the monti looks dead to me but I can't really tell from the pic


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Take them back along with a sample of your water. If your params are good you deserve a complete refund.


I see whatchu did there.
Everything looks very sterile. What is your temp, salinity, pH, cal, mag, alk, phos, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate...?


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id take that back to the lfs or give it to someone with an established tank. like others here have mentioned, your tank doesnt look like it has been established long enough.


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i had a monti frag look great showed new growth for few weeks the in a matter of 3 days bleach out and became a paper weight... i rushed things and stocked my tank prematurely when i started.. all my parameters were in check alk, cal, mg, salinity, and temp.. i think it was most likely new tank syndrome that killed her, my nitrates/phosphates were still high... also i didn't acclimate her to led light properly... just a word of caution fight the urge to jump the gun and start stocking ur tank early it'll only cost u corals and cause u more hard ach.... time is free.... hope it works out
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