New fishies


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I currently have one green chromis and 1 Pajama Cardinal. I decided I need to get them some pals. I stopped by Discount Aquarium and and grabbed a pair of pajama cardinal and 3 chromis.

I also decided to grab a Tribal Blenny. Did a bit of research and most say reef safe but others say they destroyed their corals. I decided to give him a try since the scales tipped to safe and he was too cool looking.

Anyone here have any experience with the Tribal Blenny?



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Going on a year with my tribal blenny and been a model citizen. Lots of personality and ine of my favorite fishes


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I wish mine had been a happy camper. It's a stunning fish. I decided to take the risk and lost but for those who win it's just a great looking fish. When they lift that dorsal fin up there's a subtlety of markings that I just love. If that was the one I traded in he'd be resting on his lunch. :)

Just beautiful.