new fs rock and coral -


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alright. sorry for the error of my ways in my previous post.

if anyone wants to buy the rock and coral id like 350. i dont think thats unreasonable.

also still have the halide ballast/socket/bulb combo - 100

mag 9.5 - 60?

29 sump - 25?

power centers - 20 each or 35 for both

modded tunze 6025 - 45?

as for the fish i think all but 1 ocelleris clown are on hold/sold

40 breeder is also considered sold.

i also have a few home style modded maxis, an aquaclear 70 HOB, a seaclone skimmer and some other odds and ends.

uuuhhhm. yeah. if its not gone within about 2 weeks im thinking things are gunna have to leave another way, be it trading it in to emporium or throwing things out, so im hoping things work.

and as usual, shoot me an email at