new maxima clam help required


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hi, I just purchased a beautiful 2" blue maxima clam today and placed it in a spot I have been saving for it since I bought my tank over a year ago. I went out this evening and it has now attatched itself to the rock, but it is not sitting in the upright position. It is now lying on it's side. Is this going to be ok? Every picture I have seen of a clam shows the opening upwards. Will it right itself when the lights come on in the morning?
Sounds fine to me - especially if he attached threads to the rock. He might right himself in the morning. Check out the post by dburr entitled "help w/ gold max" for more information.
Congrats! Make sure he gets plenty of live phyto on a regular basis. He will need it until he's 3+ Inches. DTs or even better, Instant Algae, is really good. Do you have phyto? Also, please tell me you have MH lighting! :) I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but I've seen too many people post asking "what's wrong with my clam" and they don't have MH or live phyto! (Someone once asked that and had a Maxima in a 10 gallon with normal output tubes!!!!!) Congrats on the new clam! :)
I have a power compact setup. it's about 8" from the light so he should be fine. And I do have phyto and strontium and iodine for supplements. I just hope he is ale to right himself in the morning when the lights come on. or will I have to do that myself? I'm not even sure if i will be able to. looks like he used a couple ounces of glue to stic himself where he is, only after a few hours !
Oh, man... :( PC's don't often keep maxima clams alive for long. I've seen them in people's tanks slowly waste away over a period of months. (even at the LFS!) Even 8 inches from the light they aren't getting the PAR they need. Once in a blue moon some people have done fine with them, but I've heard that's with the clams arout 3 inches from the PC bulbs.

Anout strontium and's not a good idea to dose anything you're not testing for. Are you testing for those? If not, you may want to reconsider dosing.

Is your phyto live? If not, you should invest in DTs for your clams sake. The dead stuff in a bottle (like the kent stuff) is not the best choice for clams, the the particle size can be too big for them.
Well it is morning now and the clam did not right itself. So my girlfriend gave him a little tug and removed him from the rock. We replaced him upright and it seems to be happy. Pictures enclosed :eek:)