new tank project with pics... will keep updating


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okay so i got the tank, std 26 gallon. tomorrow i'll cut 2x4's to prop on the bottom (4 pieces) to support the desk. just waiting for lights and i'll be set. i'll be chiseling my big rocks to make flat and nicely fitting pieces, making a nice looking tank.

question: what color should i paint the back? black? dark blue? light blue?

tank with 18" ruler

tank's location on new messy desk, originally i wanted a tank that'd follow along the edge closest to wall, but that'd be too expensive.

under the tank where the 4 support beams will go and the sump.

sump will prolly be a 20 long so i have room for a minifuge with sand and cheato, compartment for skimmer, and the return.
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ya it was from a bad motorcycle accident 2 yrs ago...

i painted the tank with krylon, stuck and dried well, cept that i peeled off a piece and had to repaint it. i tried going from darker(bottom) to lighter (top) blue but it didnt come out like that just dark blue, but it looks nice.



finished product

now i just have to prop the wood and i'll be ready to transfer.


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is a 10watt 50/50 "coralife mini compact fluorescent" enough light for the fuge? i got that and a 20 gallon for the sump. i'll be siliconing acylic baffles to make a fuge. the 20 will house the return pump, skimmer and fuge with cheato and DSB. in the fuge will live a hermit, possibly a small fish just to keep the fuge pleaseant and cheato. there will be LR all over the sump. is the 10watt 50/50 enough light to grow the cheato? should i have it on 24/7 or just reverse light cycle?

edit: everything (reef) from my 30 tall will go into here, but there will be less rocks in the display for the 26 long. i just like it better like that. maybe 2 islands or something. i dont know yet. i'll have to take a hammer and screw driver and chisel my rocks, maybe even makin rock rubble with the rest of em.


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i cut out some support beams, and to even them out, put pieces of paper to maek it tight against the desk (red paper) and i drilled a hole for the return and drain.