newb question on t5 lighting.


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I just got a auqatic life 30" 4 bulb witch i must say is pretty cool. anyways it came with i think 10k bulbs and 460/620nm purple bulbs. my tank is a 36gal bow front. how long should i run each bulb and at the same time or different times?


heres some pics of what i have so far.



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First of all, I would recommend replacing the stock bulbs with a better brand such as ATI-- you will be amazed at the difference. I used to run that fixture as well, it's definately a pretty good light.

I personally run my lights for 10 hours. Dawn/dusk (blues) from 2:00-midnight and the other 4 bulbs from 3:30-10:30.


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2xATI Blue plus
1xATI purple Plus
1XATI Coral Plus (could go with Aquablue special which is slightly yellow compared to the coral plus).
put the blue plus on the dusk/dawn effect.


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I would use the above mentioned combo. And sorry for the confusion, when I said the other 4 I was referring to my 6-bulb light. In your case it would be the other 2 bulbs, the daylight ones.