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as you can see by my post title, i am inexperienced. I have a 4.5 Crocea, and a 3 inch deresa......i wanted to know if it is okay for me to leave my tank alone for a whole day. I wont be in town, and i dont want to let my halides be on without me being there. the water tends to fluxuate in salinity if i neglect the tank for a day. I need to constantly top off that water, because i lose around a .75 - a gallon a day. I might even be gone for 2 days so, if i keep the timer on the halides, i will not only lose a lot of water, my salinity will go up through the roof. havent had time to set up my automated top-off system. I was thinking that it would be much better for me if i left my tank lights off. Im sure all of the other corals will do fine, im just worried about my clams. Can someone give me some advice? Im sure 2 days is cool, but i want to get some of your opinions, as im sure that im not the only one who has had this problem. Thanx a million in advance!

A day or two without lights won't be a problem. After all, even in nature there are dark, cloudy days! (If your in Rochester, NY, every once in a while there are days that are not dark and cloudy. :( )

Why not put on the timers for a reduced photo period like 6hrs instead of 10-12hrs. Also how about a gravity fed top off with an airline valve to control drip rate. This should be easy for a tank w/ less than a gallon of evaporation. Fill up a 2g bucket w/ topoff water, poke a hole add airline tubing and valve.
Ever think about when theres a storm for a few days with no sun?

should be perfectly fine :) .
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ah yes, good movie, if I was a girl, I may have cried at the end :p .
If you're going to test timers or a topoff system, best do it while you're there to monitor, before you go off and leave it. And don't follow my example. I tested, got everything perfect, and finally left town---except at the last moment I tried to fix my topoff hose slippage problem, unplugged and forgot to plug the autotopoff back in. The tank, in short, survived 5 days of gradually increasing salinity. I dropped 3 gallons in five days, and had no troubles at all. I gradually increased salinity when I returned. Timers are your friend, however, and can be adjusted to any situation: get them at any Ace Hardware. This won't be the only time you have to leave your tank.