NYKnicks4412's 20 Gallon Long SPS LED Build


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NYKnicks4412's 20 Gallon Long SPS LED Build

Background and Goal

This will be my third nano reef tank, having created both a 10 gallon and 30 gallon tank in the last two years. Unfortunately, both tanks were setup while I was in college and had to be taken down until I settled down. I have always been a fan of the 20 gallon long setups I have seen and decided to go that route with my new setup. Stocking will consist of two clowns (possibly snowflakes) and mainly SPS with a few LPS thrown in the mix it up.

Tank Specs

Tank: 20 Gallon Long (30" x 12" x 12")
Stand: DIY Stand following Rocket Engineers guide
Sump: 10 Gallon (20" x 10" x 12") w/ glass baffle bubble trap
Plumbing: Glass Holes Super Nano Overflow and Glass Holes 1/2" Return Kits
Return Pump: Mag 3
Sand and Rock: 20 lbs of Marco dry rock and 20 lbs Arag ALive Special Grade Reef Sand
Lighting: 1 x Ecotech Radion Gen 2
Powerhead: 1 x VoTech MP10 ES
Heater: 1 x Eheim Jager TruTemp 100 Watt
Skimmer: SCA 301 Protein Skimmer
Reactor: BRS Reactor w/ maxijet 1200 running both GFO and Carbon
Controller: Neptune Apex Full
ATO: Tunze Osmolator 3155 w/ 2 Gallon top off water container
Water Filter: BRS 4 Stage Value Plus

Initial Build Pictures

Tank and stand are located at the end of the hall near the bathroom for easy access to water. RODI is mounted on wall next to the tank. The girlfriend hates having it on the wall because of how it looks but it is just too convenient!

Close up of aquascape...very tough to see because the blues were just on. Will get a better picture tomorrow to show how it came out. I am very happy with the Marco rocks I received and how they all came together.

All of the electronics are outside of the tank mounted on the side of the stand. Makes looking at the Apex display difficult but I use my iPad for that anyways. Keeps everything nice and dry.

Picture of the inside of the stand and sump. I did a DIY 10 gallon sump with three glass baffles installed as a bubble trap in the middle.

And we have a cycle started...just took one raw shrimp and a night in the tank.

Thanks for following along guys and hope you guys enjoy the updates. More interesting stuff will be coming along in the next few months as I start stocking out the tank!

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I'd have to agree with your gf. The tank looks so nice, and then the rodi is just there.
I'd probably shove a fake plant in the corner to hide the wires too.

Looking at your equipment it looks like you planned everything out pretty well. Your sump looks nicely designed.

From your tests looks like your cycle is well on its way.


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The Dream

The Dream

Hey man this is deff the dream tank! keep updating this ill be checking up to see how it goes. Best of luck!