octo and sand ?


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hey guys i have a 29 gal that i just added 4" or so to about a month ago. and everytime i move rocks or dig in the sand about 1" or more deeper, this white cloud will go about the tank. im worried if its harmful because i know octopi like to dig in the sand and id be worried about this white cloudy stuff. i used about 100 lbs or southdown and i am still working on seeding the tank with others' sand. ive added at least 5 lbs of seeded sand.

also now that im posting... ive read that sea stars and sea cukes are good octopus tankmates, but can they actualy tolerate the cold water?

thanks for any help
I have a deep sand bed, and my bimac leaves it alone completely.

Well, that's not entirely true. One time, when he was playing around, he crawled around the glass, then onto the sand, and then "huffed and puffed" a few times, blowing water on the sand and made a little sand cloud. Then he swam away.

That was about it, other than that, mine doesn't even come near the sand.