Who knew people accross the pond used the word "reckon"? :D
I thought it was a typical southern US thing...
I have had him about 6 months, and my best guess as far as size when I got him would indicate he was about 4 months old when I got him. So I'm guessing somewhere in the year range. As far as size, I'd say he has grown about 30-50% of his original size. He is still not that big, his head is about the size of a small lemon.
However, I'm very happy he has a tank bigger than he needs...
Colin, How long have you kept Octo's?
LOL well I reckon that there are a lot of similarities between the Scottish and Americans. During the Highland clearances a LOT of Scots made their way to your part of the world so I reckon you stole it from us!!!!!


It must be about 18months or so since I managed to sucessfully keep octopus in a tank. I had lots of problems to start with in getting species suitable for home aquariums. Problems with adult pygmies and stuff like that...... each one of my octopuses has been sold to me as vulgaris beleive it or not and the one vulgaris I have was sold as a bimac.... so figure that out??? LOL

So in the begining I actually had much better luck with cuttlefish than I did octopuses. But, as you know thats a bit easier for me to get hold of.

Chris will back me up on this one.......... When I first started looking about for captive octo information about 5 years ago. I got nowhere!!!! 'It could not be done!!' was the universal answer and all you get is the anecdotes about octopuses escaping, eating goldfish from the wife's tank at night and stuff like that... so it really did seem like pioneering stuff back then... It really is a much better and infinetly different scene now days... and I've made a lot of cephy friends too...

Reef Central and TONMO are a good source of information for budding ceph keepers and as long as we keep sharing what we do and how we do it, it will get easier still... Its only a matter of time before we will be breeding all our own stuff and we are lucky in that there is still so much to learn about what we do that it is possible for major discoveries to be made.....

whoops, I reckon I drifted a bit there LOL :D