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Aquapod 12g tank has been up about 3 weeks now, has had snails/crabs and a damsel for 1-2 weeks

I did a 5g water change Sunday and comletley re-aquascaped the live rock, did not take readings at that time.

I used 1 box of Petco Saltwater

After the reorg I found some of my turbosnails upside down with sand in there shell, so I turned them around, now I think they are dead because they have not moved in 2 days. I can still see their meat if I look in the shell

I just reorganized the rocks again today and moved the turbo snails and a thin white gooey film fell out of them, I just checked my parameters and they look bad the hermits / emerald crabs and other snails seem to be ok and the urchin is moving around...

Nitrite 0.25
Amonia 0.25
PH 7.8

Before the water change my amonia+nitrite were 0 and PH 8.2

Are the snails dead?
Did reorganizing the rock and rustling the sand kill them? Did that screw my numbers?

Should I get a different testing kit?
Usuing API Saltwater Master Test Kit

When I did the water change I noticed I had the carbon on top of my bioballs rather than on top of my cermaic, so I changed that Sunday as well.


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Well, I'd remove the dead animals, since they're contributing to the problem. Taking live rock out of the water can cause die-off, so that might have been the base cause. I'd do a series of 2-3g water changes.

The API test kits are usually okay, but getting a second opinion might be useful.