Ok I think I have a problem!


I have a 30 gallon mixed reef. I recently posted in the discussion forum that I accidentally dropped some palaemonetes vulgaris (common shrimp) in the tank while feeding. Needless to say they have been breeding and I now have thousands. Most never make it to over 1/4" as they are picked off by just about all livestock in the tank fish, anemones,ect... Ok now for the problem, while adding some additional carib. live rock about 6 months ago I pulled out a small 1.5" mantis and put him in his own tank right under the 30gal. No problem there. He made lots of noise (clicking) and just being a happy mantis. Well yesterday I just noticed something else in my 30 when the lights were out. This morning I pulled out a 3"+ peach female mantis. I guess I never noticed as I thought the noise was from the other mantis and nothing was missing or disturbed in my tank. Again not a big problem and kinda cool. I just noticed about 6 new babies about .5" all with their little homes in my 30 and eating all the baby shrimp and pods they want (not cool). I bet tonight when the lights go out I find more than the 6 or so babies. So now what do I do? They have a constant source of food are too small and too fast to catch and there are probably lots more that I have not yet seen. Yes they are mantis, I do know the difference between them and pods and other types of shrimp. I will try to get some pics but it will be kinda hard since thay are soo small and my camera stinks. Should I be worried?
I would not get worried yet as long as they have a constant source of food they should not disrupt the tank too much. I have several mantis in my reef tank as well as in a mantis tank and have not had any problems in either. As they get larger they may become more teritorial and kill each other, also it has been my exsperence that females will kill the males after matting.