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Hey Roger,

Ordered my 230/3 skimmer last night. Back ordered from J&L Aquatics here in Canada, but hopefully I'll have it by the end of the month. Can't wait!
It shouldn't be too long, Tunze has had some problems with the computer systems and that has created elays in orders, further demand in the 115V market is up beyond expectations, at any rate things seem to be smoothing out, you should get your skimmer soon, I think you will be very pleased.
It arrived!

I have yet to try hooking it up to anything yet, since it's for a new tank that I don't have at the moment.

This particular skimmer was shipped to Canada at the beginning of last week, probably. It arrived in Vancouver on Thursday, and then made its way out to me. Any idea if that batch of skimmers have the new venturi you mentioned? What should I look for to tell?

Thanks :)
I spoke too soon, the molds to create the final production piece just arrived a couple weeks ago. The new venturi is a month out at least. It is a one piece molded part versus the two piece part now used. You will be able to retrofit your skimmer however.
Thanks Roger. I'm in no hurry, at any rate, since my new tank is probably a year away.

Will this part be available through resalers, or from Tunze directly?