Optimum use of 4 pumps and controller


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I have had two streams and a controller for awhile in my 240 - I had them set up so they alternate 30-100% and switch every 10 seconds or so. I bought two more pumps to increase my flow but I am having trouble getting them to work the way I want. They are either all 4 on full power or they work in tide mode where two come on and two shut off and then they alternate.

I would like to run them so two of them are on 100% while two are at 30-50% and then switch. Is this possible?
Can't you set channel one to 100-30 and channel two to 30-100? The one drawback would be night time mode where two channels would always be at 100%
Mojodeli has it correct. With the multicontroller you will set to pulse mode and Channel 1 will be 30% -100% and Channel 2 will be 100% -30%. Night mode will then have one pump at 30% and one pump at 100% but the flow is still less turbulent and I think the basic prinicpal is still accomplished.