Osmolator and Basement sump


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I am planning a 90 gal tank with a sump and refugium in the basement. I was going to place the osmolator sensor in the return compartment of the sump, and have the RO DI water about 2 feet below the sump and fuge - would it be OK to have the osmolator pump send water to the sump? Or do I have to pump it all the way up to the tank? I was also thinking of adding the Tunze calcium dispenser. Thanks.
Thanks, Roger.
What about hooking up directly to an RO DI unit, instead of a reservoir? I have heard that might not be advisable, as the RO DI units need to run for a minimum period of time - do you have any advice? I have just bought an RO DI unit that is only for the aquarium - I could direct its output into its own storage tank, but it would be much more "automated" to direct its return directly to the sump.
It is not suitable for this application. It is far better to use the RO/DI with a spectrapure kit to automatically top off the reservoir. This will give you redundant safety and spectrapure's LLC kits are hard to beat.